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Ask almost anyone what the best part of the Beer Cheese Festival is, and they’ll tell you, “Sampling beer cheese!” –and they’re right. We start at 10am and go all the way to 5pm. You can sample beer cheese from any of our vendors. Sample them all. Find your favorite. Cast your vote. You can even purchase beer cheese right from the vendors. When you need a break, there are plenty of other things to do at the festival–listen to live music, drink at the UK Alumni Beer Garden, visit arts & crafts or Kentucky Proud booths…and then you can head right back into the beer cheese section, and try some more, because at the end of the day it’s all about the beer cheese! So you’re wondering how the People’s Choice voting and award works and how you get to cast your vote. Here are the answers! Thank you for participating in the prestigious People’s Choice Award! No Refunds and No Replacements for lost tickets or lost wristbands. Beer Cheese wristbands are NON TRANSFERABLE and MAY NOT be shared.

1. Purchase a $5 wristband* from a beer cheese wristband booth located at either entrance of Beer Cheese Blvd. on Main St. Once your wristband is purchased you will be given (1) ticket to vote for your favorite beer cheese. Wristbands must be worn at all times while at Beer Cheese Blvd. to receive beer cheese samples.
2. Sample all the beer cheese you like from the commercial vendors.
3. Once you have decided on your favorite beer cheese place your voting ticket into the box located at that commercial beer cheese booth of your choice by 4:15 pm. Tickets will be picked up throughout the day by an official BCF rep. The count will be verified at that time.
4. Voting ends at 4:15 pm. The People’s Choice Award will be announced on the Courthouse Steps at approximately 5:00 pm along with the other awards.

*Proceeds benefit Main Street Winchester and are reinvested into beautiful, historic downtown Winchester.

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