NEW! Beer Cheese Bucks

No more fenced off area. No more wristbands. More fun for everyone!

For over a decade the number one piece of advice festival fans had for us was consistent – get rid of the fenced off area. You wanted to wander freely. You wanted your party to be able to stay together even if everyone in the group didn’t want to sample beer cheese from our illustrious competitors. (Although it still boggles our mind that anyone would NOT want to taste all that delicious beer cheese!)

Well, we listened!

Starting in 2019, there will no longer be a fenced off area. There will be no wristbands. Instead, there will be Beer Cheese Bucks!

Introducing Beer Cheese Bucks!

Beer Cheese Bucks will be sold in packs of 10 “bucks” for $5. Each pack will include one voting ticket.

3 Easy Steps:

1. Buy  Beer Cheese Bucks (10 for $5) at the festival at a ticket booth.
2. Trade one Beer Cheese Buck for one sample at the beer cheese booth(s) of your choice.
3. Vote for your favorite beer cheese! Each set of Beer Cheese Bucks comes with one voting ticket.

1 Beer Cheese Sample = 1 Beer Cheese Buck

Beer Cheese Bucks will allow us to pay our competitors for their product. For each Beer Cheese Buck they collect, they earn cash. As our festival has grown over the years, our competitors give away more and more product each year. Last year, each competitor gave away about 80 pounds of cheese. That’s over 700 pounds of product! We would like to fairly compensate them for their time and inventory.