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Each year, we are honored to draw the best professional beer cheese makers in the country to compete on Main Street to be crowned Judge’s Choice and People’s Choice. With a prize package valued at over $5,000 (including a $1,000 check!) plus bragging rights, it’s no wonder we get the best. Click here for details about prizes.

If you would like to participate in our professional beer cheese competition, please review the official rules below and apply here with a $150 fully refundable deposit.

Requirements for being a professional vendor:

All labeling requirements for commercial beer cheese processors must be observed.

Beer Cheese Festival Guidelines provided by the Clark County Health Department must be observed.

People’s Choice:

As the name suggests, the winner of this prestigious award is chosen by the people.  Every festival goer who samples beer cheese on Beer Cheese Boulevard is given one vote to cast for their favorite contestant.  At the end of the day, the votes are tallied and the competitor with the most votes takes home the prize! Learn more.

It is recommended that you come prepared with 75-80 pounds of product for sampling and 200 pounds of product to sell to your fans (old and new)!

Pro tip: make your booth fun! People like fun almost as much as they like cheese. (Some examples include – decorate your booth, hold a raffle during the festival at your booth, ring a bell when you get a vote, give away promotional items, the sky’s the limit – be creative!)

Judge’s Choice:

1. The Judge’s Choice competition is determined by a panel of judges through a blind taste test. Entries will be submitted in an approved BCF numbered container provided by the contest organizer.
2. Official BCF containers will be presented to each contestant by 10:30 a.m. on day of contest at their respective booths. Each container will consist of a container with 4 Soufflé Cups inside. Once received, cups and container will be assigned a number, and a master log will be kept by one person, matching the entrant to the sample. This is to ensure blind judging.
3. Official BCF containers will be submitted by each Beer Cheese Contestant to a BCF Contest Rep at City Hall by 11:00 a.m. on contest day.
4. Each Official BCF container shall include the following: 4 individual samples of beer cheese. No other garnishments, or items may be present in the official box. If other items are present the beer cheese will be disqualified.
5. Official judging will begin at 12:00 p.m. on contest day inside City Hall. Judging area will be closed off to public during this time.
6. Judges may not fraternize with teams on turn-in day until conclusion of judging.
7. Judging will be done by a panel of 4 persons.
 8. Each judge will score each entry for appearance, aroma, texture, and taste before moving on to the next entry.

Grounds for disqualification:

Unapproved garnish, marked turn-in container, foreign object in container, fewer than 4 samples of beer cheese.

Tallying of Votes:

Judging will end by 3 p.m. on contest day

Votes will be tallied after judges have submitted their votes to official BCF Contest Rep.

Announcements & Awards:

The winner of the Judge’s Choice and People’s Choice Awards will be announced at 5:00 p.m. on the day of the contest on the courthouse steps.

Official Winners will be able to claim their prize package at this time. (checks will be mailed).

Official judging scores will not be available for review.